Execution of container depends on its purpose , but also can be : residential containers , containers for construction sites and other purposes . Standard dimensions of the container are 4x2m , height 2.2m , and depending on the purpose can have different dimensions.

The construction of the container is made ​​of steel profiles , protected with basic paint and lacquered . Wall elements are fixed , and are made from polyurethane panels 50mm thick , where both sides painted galvanized corrugated sheet , and as isolation comes polyurethane foam . The container roof is gabled , and made of galvanized painted trapezoidal sheets T40 / 185 , with gutters and drain pipes.

Container are equipped with single- swing door with cylinder lock , window , built-in connector for electrical energy and electrical and telephone installation.

When high quality are demanded, container floor are built in with  laminate , and on the ceiling are mounted Armstrong panels , to give a comfortable environment for work or residence, and which also has good characteristics of thermal and sound insulation of the door.

The manipulation of the container is carried out with a forklift or a crane.